How To Build Your Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle & Enjoy True Freedom

Laptop Lifestyle

Author: Stathis Carapanos

Hi! I'm Stathis and I became an entrepreneur when I decided to escape the stressful corporate rat race. Instead of a risky and expensive franchise, I chose to invest in my own personal development which led me to now own multiple businesses while enjoying financial, time and geographical freedom.

Nowadays, the whole world is online. This trend has been boosted even further by the covid-19 pandemic, mainly due to unprecedented mobility restrictions. There are now many ways to do business online and live the so-called laptop lifestyle (there is also a lot of scum out there) but Affiliate Marketing has some incredible advantages compared to other online business models and here  I am going to explain why.


With Affiliate Marketing you actually affiliate with an already existing company/brand that has one or more products or services that you like and you believe will sell well. The only thing you have to do is to promote these products to your audience. So you don’t have to worry about the high start-up costs usually involved when starting a traditional business: no place to rent, no staff, no bills, no products to create, buy and keep on stock.

Moreover, everyone can start an online affiliate marketing business without quitting their ordinary job. You can set up and grow your online business at your own pace and when you earn enough income you can then decide to quit your job and finally focus exclusively on your online projects.


When you can promote any product or service you like then your audience/customers can be the whole world’s population, which means your earning potential is unlimited.

However, you should try to focus on a specific niche and establish your expertise in that area. This way you can target people that are already interested in what you promote will join your audience and will trust you in the long term.

Still, there will be enough people around the world looking for products or services in your area of expertise.


Probably the number one reason more and more people decide to be affiliate marketers is that once everything is set up and running you will have multiple income streams with little or no effort. Of course, you will need to spend some time and effort to build your marketing system and, if you decide to, some funds to advertise it properly. But content put out there on the internet can generate sales for a long period of time. Think also about subscriptions you may be able to sell that can translate into cash rolling in for years.


One of the main reasons affiliate marketing is so attractive is also the fact that you gain control over your life and daily schedule. You are location independent. You can work from home or while travelling. The only thing you need is your laptop and a Wi-Fi connection. You are also free to choose which hours of the day are more suitable for you to do some work or even choose not to work at all whenever you feel like not doing so. Digital tools play a key role here since they allow you to run your advertising campaigns in an automated way once you have created your content. You can then decide to spent time cultivating the relationship with your audience.


The magic with digital marketing is that you can show your message (text, audio or video) to people that are already looking for what you are promoting. Through Google, social media or other kinds of ads, you can target online users based on their interests, age, sex, job, country and keywords they type. If you provide some value and the product or service you are recommending covers a need or solves a problem, people reading or watching your ad will contact you instead of you looking for them.


As you may understand, provided you can be an affiliate for any kind of product or service you like, the best way to do it is to choose products or services that you are truly enthusiastic about. This way you will turn your interests and hobbies into income. You will get up in the morning (or anytime you prefer) and develop projects that matter to you, find ways to promote products you use and love, most probably improving other people’s lives.

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