Hi! I'm...


a digital marketer,

nature & animal admirer,

rock 'n' roll addict,

history enthusiast


My name is Stathis Carapanos…

... and I am quite sure you are not here to read about my educational background and working experience or to read a bio that is supposed to be written by a third person but I actually wrote myself. I honestly find these kinds of website pages very boring and pathetic.

I will try to get straight to the point and share with you the steps of my journey that I hope can somehow prove useful to you.

I have both a Greek (my father) and an Italian (my mother) nationality.
I am currently based in Athens, Greece.

Like most people, I grew up with the socially constructed idea that I had to finish school, go to university and find a good job. And that’s what I did. I worked in Italy, China, Brussels and then I decided to move back to Greece (chasing the sun) where I built a successful career in sales in the food industry.

However, I gradually realised that no matter how hard I tried, these efforts would never translate into real HAPPINESS for me. I would spend my whole life working endless hours, being told what to do, commuting every morning, getting stressed on the phone, attend many useless meetings, having limited time for myself and my family, trading my time for money, sometimes even during the weekends.

Mondelez Sales team

I felt totally unfulfilled and trapped. I honestly didn’t know how to escape that situation. The long-lasting consequences of the 2008 financial crisis made the whole framework even more complicated. Job uncertainty had increased while getting a loan to start your own business had become more difficult than it used to be in the past.

Applying for a better job would actually not make any real difference. I could earn some more money but I would probably work even more hours and basically just forget about my personal life. At some point, I decided I had to face reality: there was no dream job waiting for me.

If I wanted to improve my living conditions I had to create MY OWN BUSINESS. But what kind of business? Where to find the budget for the initial investment?

I spent years analyzing different franchise opportunities. That's how I fortunately realized that running a franchise would actually mean buying myself another job. I wanted more, I wanted to be creative and passionate. I had several ideas I wanted to materialize but they all involved a huge risk of failure and consistent startup costs.

On top of this, at that time I also had to provide for my parents because their business went bankrupt for multiple reasons. This meant I had an urgent need to earn more money to be able to help them.

It was evident that the world was getting more and more DIGITAL and that many new OPPORTUNITIES now existed.

However, I felt I was not in the position to evaluate what could really work for me and I had absolutely no clue where to start from. I also felt I didn’t have the necessary technical skills, knowledge and product to launch my own business.

That’s when I run into the Affiliate Marketing business model. In brief, using this business model you can easily promote an already existing product or service by creating and delivering some kind of value to the market (ex. detailed explanations, reviews, personal experience etc). You then get a commission on each sale.

The great advantage of Affiliate Marketing is that is risk-free since you don’t need to invest money to buy and resell products or to create a physical space for your business.

I had tried Network Marketing in the past and I hated it – you have to cold-call people and organise meetings where you had to convince them to buy your product or convince other people to convince other people and so on! Really frustrating.

Affiliate Marketing allows you to wholly AUTOMATE your business and communication. This means you can work alone or with friends on your projects using your laptop, at whatever time and in whichever place you want.

I was lucky enough to find an incredible COMMUNITY of people willing to share their stories, insights, powerful technology and training to support its members at every step of the way in creating an online business from scratch and show me how to successfully keep running it.

In the beginning, I can clearly remember I was both terribly excited and sceptical. In the past, while exploring the internet, I had been running into a lot of different type of scams full of flash-bam-wham promises. Whenever someone says you are going to earn that money in that time… Run the other direction!

This time it was different. I could recognize the mentors of this community were experienced marketers talking about realistic digital opportunities, providing insights and technology that normally cost thousands of pounds. The message was: “you will need to work on it but it’s really worth it”.

That’s how I decided to start getting educated and mentored. I went through an initial steep learning curve during which I received full step by step guidance, without quitting my job and with no financial risk involved.

The real game-changer here is the fact you are never left alone. The community mentors are always available to help you solve any doubts and help you move forward, to the next step towards building your multiple six-figures business and your ideal life.

In the meanwhile, I also learned how to create and sell my own products online. The marketing "system" and tools behind it are pretty much the same that apply to Affiliate Marketing.

Once I received basic training and really understood what Affiliate Marketing was about and its endless opportunities, I realised I was finally able to build a life that I would love.

Initially, I worked on my first online project mainly driven by the sense of freedom I was seeking, having no boss, spending more time with my family, my friends and my partner, working from home or while travelling around the world to visit amazing places while earning income.

Shanghai by night
Maiella crew in Turin 2021

But then I realised there was even more than that. I had finally found the way to have multiple income streams while working on projects that I find truly exciting and are meaningful to me, while positively impacting others’ lives. This is what gave me real happiness and satisfaction!

Waking up every single day with purpose and passion for what you do feels even better than freedom and money. You just can’t put a price on that. I can spend my life earning passive income from work I had done in the past and keep looking for new exciting projects to develop!

I am now in a stage of my journey where I can and want to also help others achieve their own dreams, which often seems impossible within the traditional consuming world.

Part of my business is of course promoting the same platform that got me launched and is still supporting me in all my projects. This way I empower aspiring entrepreneurs to build their own businesses and create more meaning and freedom in their lives, which I truly enjoy!

Now… do YOU want a change in your life?

If yes, let me warn you, as my mentors did with me, it will take some time and effort to build your online business.

The good news is that EVERYONE can do it!
You don't need to have previous experience or technical skills. Me and the community will guide you step by step through building YOUR online business from scratch.

I and the whole community will always be there for you all the way long (we have separate social media platforms where you can ask anyone whatever you want anytime). You can achieve very good results in just a few months and you will not believe how far you will be able to go.

So if you are tired of not living the life you really want and tired of not having the freedom you want, I will be more than happy to share with you the same FREE workshop series that helped me create my own online business!

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